Gun Violence Jordan declue 7th hour


Problem: Gun Violence


Guns used to kill 7 of 10 people

Hand guns are the most popular

Guns worse than terrorism

3 of 15 people use guns to commit suicide

Why is it a problem?

Need gun reform

Shooters aren't getting therapy they need before shooting.

Change laws

My problem:

Lots of suicide and murder

Gun death news on news

Not enough hospitals for mental disabilities

Gun laws aren't changed

Action Plan:

1) Prevent gun violence

2) Make it harder to sell and buy guns

3) Max of two guns allowed without license, no matter a person's profession

4) Background checks for everybody who wants to sell and buy guns

5) Everyone with insurance gets 50 free hours of therapy a year.


Why this subject?

I don't like guns because they scare me. I don't like seeing gun violence on the news. My dad has a gun which I don't like because it's scary.

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