Papau New Guiniea GEOGRAPHY project


That means hello in tok pisin.

Appearance, food, and languages

Citizens in PNG have a dark appearance and clothes are made out of the skin of animals. Sometimes just cotton. PNG's native food is kakuor (sweet potato) it is grown like any other vegetable or plant. The three main languages of PNG are English, Tok Pisin and Hiri Motu.

Learning tok pisin

How are you?: Yu stap gut

Fine,thank you: mi stap gut

What is your name?: Husat nem bilong yu?

My name is ______: nem bilong mi emi

Nice to meet you: gutpela long bungim yu

Please: plis

You’re welcome: nogat samting

Inquiry questions

Does PNG have cities?

What are some of the big rivers and mountains in PNG?

What are some of the natural foods in PNG?

What are the houses like in PNG?

How many forests are in PNG?


Question 1: yes PNG has cities.

Question 2: The two most famous Rivers and mountains in PNG are Fly River and Mt Wilhelm.

Question 3: The natural food for PNG is sweet potato, which you saw in the top paragraphs.

Question 4: The citizens of PNG houses are made of wood and look like old shacks.

Question 5:

Questions I would ask a PNG kid

Where do you get your food?

How do you shelter yourself?

Do you eat meat?

Do you have and technology in PNG?

How many languages do you know?

What is your favorite game to play?

How hard it is for children in PNG

Life for children in PNG is hard for many reasons such as:

They get abused a lot mostly for no reason.

Their parents use violence to teach discipline.

They only get 2 years of education from primary school.

They have to get married at 16 for girls 18 for boys!

That’s just sad. It can be lowered by parents to 14-16. There is also a lot of children on the streets.


Demography means the science of vital and social statistics, as of the births,Deaths, diseases, marriages, ect, of populations.

Demography questions

Are there any fatal diseases in PNG?

Are there any gay or lesbian marriages in PNG?

What is the expected age death of PNG?

PNG facts

Papua means west.

The coast of PNG used to be called Nieuw Guinea.

Humans have populated PNG for 40,000 years.

There are 200,000 plant species still unknown to PNG’s natives. 20,000 plant species

PNG is the worst place for gender violence

Species of animals in PNG have close links to animals in australia

Port moresby is the capital city of PNG


Flight questions

Who would i fly with?: air niugini

Where would I stay?: the stanley hotel port moresby

What would i see?: wooden villages, volcanos, Fly river, Mt Wilhelm

What medical attention would I need before departing?: You need to be up to date with vaccines. Get a vaccine anyway to be safe.

How much money would I need and what is the exchange rate?: The exchange rate for 1 Papua New Guinean dollar is 42 Australian cents. You will need around $100-$50 according to the exchange rate.

What sites would I want to see?: Black cat track, Kokoda track, Tavurvur, ect



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