Come with us into the curios world of Alice work by sara and samuele

Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank and of having nothing to do, when suddenly a White Rabbit with pink eyes ran close by her. When the Rabbit took a watch out of its waistcoat-pocket , Alice flashed across her mind that she had never before seen a rabbit with either a waistcoat-pocket, or a watch to take out of it; so she ran across the field and was just in time to se after it a large hole
The tunnel went straight on like a tunnel for some way it seemed to be very deep.
She tried to look down and make out what she was coming to, but it was too dark to see anything: then she looked at the sides of the tunnel and noticed that they were filled with cupboards and book-shelves: here and there she saw maps and pictures hung upon pegs. It resembles a tall and thin house. The objects in the tunnel appear to be floating.
The rabbit’s house is a small house situated in the Wonderland. It’s surrounded by a small white wall with a violet gate.
The house is small but very solid. The basis is formed by a perimeter of white stones. It has a door with the size of the rabbit and a violet flowerpot. The upper floor is made by wooden boards and has two little blinds. The sloping roof is made by sraw.
Into the house there are many clocks and a big painting that depicts the rabbit’s antecedents.
In the upper floor there is the badroom where is a little table and a commode with a mirror above and the bed of course.
Tulgey Wood is a location in Wonderland. It seems to be a forest that never has an end. There are many signs that confuse alice with various written such as up, down, right, left, etc. .. .and it is full of trees, which create a maze.Those who do not know it well enough often tend to get lost here.
During her adventure in this unusual wood Alice meets many bizarre animals that drive or hinder her path.
The “Mome Raths” lives in Rulgey Wood. There is a big tree, maybe an oak, where are 4 with some words painted on. The entire sentence is “Don’t step the Mome Raths”. The mome raths are some little beings that lives in the place who is indicated by the sings. Alice is looking with interest at the Mome Raths.
Alice is singing a song while she sits on a big stone in the centre of a clearing. All the Tugley wood’s creatures round up near Alice. There are the Mome Raths, a bird with a cage as a body and many other.

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