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Brainstorming sheet

This week, I brainstormed many ideas for my Reduce Reuse Recycle maker pathway. I had 5 in total. Each one used materials I found around the supply closet and I didn't have to go out and buy anything and each one would serve a purpose in building it.

Final Sketch

For the final sketch, I chose the cone idea. I did this because I would enjoy making it and I thought it was the most practical of all the ideas. I am collecting materials to buil it now and plan to start making it next week.


Then on Friday, all the groups went outside and we poured concrete into our designs wee made of wood the weeks before. Mine wasn't poured so we will have to finish that on Monday.


This week I poured concrete into the molds with my group. We plan to pour more concrete as soon as we get the materials for it.

I spray painted the cone green to make it look decorative and more professional.

I found some lights will make holes in the cone to put the lights in. It will poke out the sides and will hide all the wires and plugs.

This is what the cone I'll look like with the lights and the holes in the side. When I finish the drilling, I will cut the circular wood then attach it with hot glue. It does not have to be strong because it will only be holding wires.


Added the lights into the top and taped on the extra wiring. Then labeled each light to go in a specific hole to make the process easier.

There were some lights that wouldn't turn on so I used those as connectors in the middle of the cone. This helped the lights from stretching and falling out of the holes they were put into.

I then got paint and painted a small layer of color over some of the lights for more deceration. I did keep some white just so it would give some variety to the colors.

Week 4

Week I started my 3D design. I chose this maker pathway because I am interested in the 3D design aspect of maker and I think it will be really fun. I went on the website and found many ideas about 3D printed designs. I found out I wanted to do a mini storage/key holder. I started going on 123D design and started making circles for the keys to fit in.

Week 5

This week I kept working on my 3D design project. I added color to my pieces and changed the size of the key rings and tubes to make it bigger and easier to grab. I also added a base to the model so the things wouldn't fall out. We also had a cleaning day where we cleared out his supply closet and swept the storage rooms.


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