RBM Partnership Strategic Plan 2021-2025 SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLKIT

As we enter a new year of action against malaria, we are delighted to share with you the RBM Partnership’s Strategic Plan for 2021-2025. Developed in collaboration with partners around the globe, this plan outlines the priorities for the RBM Partnership to End Malaria over the next five years.

The next few years will be critical in our mission to rid the world of one of the oldest and deadliest diseases. If we want to end suffering from malaria once and for all, an inclusive, multisectoral approach will be key. The RBM Partnership’s new strategy framework outlines three priorities supported by tangible Strategic Actions and practical approaches (Strategic Enablers) for the years ahead, focusing on enhancing the quality of malaria programming, raising levels of funding, and scaling up research and development for new malaria innovations.

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The @endmalaria vision is to live in a world free from #malaria🦟. #DYK that ending malaria is central to achieving #UniversalHealthCoverage, global health security, poverty reduction, and more? Read the 2021-2025 strategic plan to learn more: https://endmalaria.org/about-us/strategy

The next five years could see the introduction of new products, techniques, or strategies to #endmalaria🦟. The 2021-2025 @endmalaria strategy supports the deployment and scale-up of these technologies and promote further knowledge sharing!🔬🌍 https://endmalaria.org/about-us/strategy

Countries and communities are at the heart of an effective #malaria response🦟. Hence, the first @endmalaria strategic objective is to optimize the quality and effectiveness of country and regional programming, as explained in the 2021-2025 strategic plan: https://endmalaria.org/about-us/strategy

As financing remains an obstacle to #endmalaria, continued advocacy to maintain and expand #malaria🦟 financing, and the importance of mobilization and prioritization of resources are highlighted and explained in the @endmalaria 2021-2025 strategic plan📍: https://endmalaria.org/about-us/strategy

500+ RBM partners are working together to achieve a #ZeroMalaria🦟 world. Through coordinated action, global partners can work together to jointly deliver the @endmalaria 2021-2025 strategic objectives and work towards the 2030 malaria goals and #SDGs 🌍https://endmalaria.org/about-us/strategy


You can find more information about the RBM Partnership Strategic Plan 2021-2025 on the dedicated webpage, and read the full document here.

We thank you for your ongoing commitment, and look forward to working together over the next five years in implementing the RBM Partnership’s Strategic Plan to advance towards our shared goal of a malaria-free world.

If you have any questions about the RBM Partnership Strategic Plan 2021-2025, please contact strategicplan@endmalaria.org.