Phony Fever by: Baillie Costigan

There’s nothing I hate more than school. Everyone there is a goddamn phony. I believe that school is the breeding place of phonies. Think about it. School is the place where people meet their friends and start to form groups. Cliques. The very bane of my entire existence. Once a clique forms, exclusions form. Social standards form. If you’re not pretty enough, or funny enough, you’re an outcast. But, even outcasts have their own group to themselves. Why can’t people either walk alone through life or walk with everyone? Stop forming goddamn groups. I don’t have a group because I’m not a phony. And groups are only for phonies. In school I’m constantly surrounded by them-girls with their superficial problems, worried about their hair, or their makeup, or which boy they’re going to hook up with next. Don’t even get me started on the jocks. Bastards are too worried about not looking like a pansy in front of their dumb friends to seem like respectable people.

Hell, even teachers can be phonies. Always giving us so much goddamn homework and expecting to us to do whatever they say and excel in their class. If every teacher gives us hours of homework each night, how do they expect us to keep up with each course and remember everything so we don’t fail. It’s like we’re set up for goddamn failure. Please, explain to me how I am supposed to sit in a prison for 6-7 hours at a time, go home and do another 3-4 hours worth of homework for the establishment I’m forced to go to everyday, all while trying to deal with my own problems I may be having and trying to stay healthy and sane.

How the hell am I expected to succeed when I am surrounded by phonies?

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