For the Love of Covers 20% project by Angelica MozQUEDA

1.20.17 For my 20% project I will be doing make up and not just the kind that you wear everyday, it will be creative looks and unique ways to express art. I am planning on blogging weekly and uploading pictures and videos to my Instagram. I am doing this because it would be really cool to learn how to do more than just a simple everyday look. My goal is to learn and to inspire other people that you can learn and do anything that you want to and even if you couldn't, no one can say you didn't.
2.4.17 So today i went out to look for some new palettes with a lot of colors and also some glitters and i found this really great palette at ulta with various colors for the best price. i also found two compact palettes of glitters.
2.17.17 i was going out and i was inspired by some warm tones because of the weather and i did a soft look with matte shades of brown and i went with a pink lip gloss to top it off. the shadows and gloss were from my ulta pallet and the brushes were from elf.
2.24.17 i did a suttle pink cut crease with colors from my pink tart pallet and my light glitter palettes. i used my elf blending brush for the crease area and with a flat brush and some concealer i covered my lid after setting the eyelid i went in with pink glitter.
3.4.17 i have decide to change my project due to lack of interest and originality. i love make up but i am no longer motivated to continue this project and i am looking into more options but just in case this will be my official project if i cant find anything else.
3.10.17 I have decided to change my 20% project. For my project i am now going to do song covers to try and break away from my fear to share something that i really like. With this said im hoping to encourage others to do the same.
3.17.17 For my project i decided to sing. I wanted to do this to break away from fear of sharing what i like to do and to encourage others to do the same. This spring break i am hoping to catch up and have something on my channel and on my instagram.
4.8.17 I've been working on my YouTube and trying to get it together to make it public on the day of my symposium. I wanted to have up to 10 videos to have something for my audience to watch and to show what i have been working on so far.
4.13.17 As of right now i only have two videos on my YouTube account. I have to admit its hard learning and posting a new song everyday. Regardless how hard it is i will still try to reach my goal of ten videos for my symposium.
4.14.17 I have only managed to get two videos on my YouTube so far. I never knew how time consuming this topic would be. It's harder to make time during the day when there is natural lighting for my videos. I have also come across a huge stumbling block, I am currently blocked out of my Instagram page and have been desperate to get it back, But i have been unsuccessful.
4.25.17 I am stuck with what i have at this point for my project. i have bronchitis so i can barely talk none the less sing. I was really hoping to have more than two videos and a disabled account for you guys but i can only hope to get better.
5.5.17 I am now better and i can sing now. I have posted 8 videos as of last friday and i have done 2 collabs. I got 100+ followers on instagram and i get 200+ views on my videos.


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