kiʻekiʻe Live higher than everyone else

Mission statement: Our mission for this amazing place, is to have a simpler time of life. You can do what you want. There is only 10 rules you have to follow, but those rule are small, so they wont control your life.

Rules: these are those ten small rules you have to follow: 1) You must come and eat dinner at 8:00 with everyone else 2) You have to wear a necklace all the time to show that you are apart of the community 3) You can't wear shoes that cover you whole foot 4) You have to have at least on pet in your family hut 5) You have to try and surf at least once in your life 6) you have to get married some time in your life 7) you cant have any phones unless your 18 or older 8) you cant have more than one pet in your hut 9) you must eat breakfast 10) you don't have to sleep

location: It will be in the sea's of bora bora

Daily: You have to wake up at 6:00, but until 5:00 you have school for two hours.

Type of government: We will have like a president for our leader

Persuasive Appeal: ITS A VACATION 247

Membership requirements: You have to have no worries at all this is a place for people to have a great time for the rest of their life.


Created with images by Mariamichelle - "bora bora over water bungalows tropical" • Pexels - "alarm clock classic clock" • diego_torres - "jurassic coast climbing sea"

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