A Day in the Life of Lily Spagnuolo Natalie Roth, Signature school

During her second week at HSJI, senior Lily Spagnuolo optimistically begins her assignment for the third day of the TV News class. The assignment was to record an original, creative interview on any topic of the students choosing. Spagnuolo felt excited to develop her live interviewing skills.
Walking with her work partner senior Lelah Byron, Spagnuolo contemplates where she will film her B-roll and scouts out locations. She struggled to carry the heavy camera across Indiana University's campus.
In-between the Indiana Memorial Union and the Beck Chapel's graveyard, Spagnuolo decides where to focus her camera to film her B-roll. She moved the camera around several times to find the perfect angle and lighting.
Discovering an ideal spot, Spagnuolo begins to film her B-roll. She chose to record inside the graveyard with the intent to interview a Union Biddle Hotel employee about the speculated ghost sittings inside the hotel.
Walking out of the hotel, Spagnuolo considers the prospect of a hotel employee being unavailable for an interview. Spagnuolo was given a phone number of an employee who would be willing to do an interview and was sent on her way.
Taking the concierge's advice, Spagnuolo tries calling the manager of the hotel. The manager did not answer, so Spagnuolo left a message and hoped for a call back.
Anticipating a call back, Spagnuolo began creating interview questions. The hotel manager never called back, so Spagnuolo decided to see if any one from the Lilly Library would be willing to do an interview. A librarian was willing to answer questions but refused to be on camera. "It's really frustrating because I enjoy doing broadcasting, but it's hard to pick the right story and build off of it," said Spagnuolo.
Inside the TV News classroom, Teresa White offers Spagnuolo ideas and direction on where to take her story. Spagnuolo's friend, Shae Turner, stands by offering moral support. Building off of White's suggestions, Spagnuolo was able to come up with the idea of interviewing someone about Beck Chapel and was able to successfully complete her assignment.

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