Week 17 2018 FOUNDER's WEEK

From 1955 ...
... to 2018
Aflac has been a pioneer...
by building the dream for tens of thousands of Associates ...
while paying families cash when they get sick or hurt!
So on Monday's "To Do List" ... write out your goals and create your Week 17 roadmap.
Plan on Winning Founder's Week in 2018!!!!!
Get ready to fight.
And bring your energy!!
Five Days
One Goal
Work as a team
Have vision
Be Creative
Be mentally tough and plan to win.
And have FUN!!!
... because there's nothing like the feeling of knowing you met your goals!!
All in all, for 63 years,
We have proven to set records,
and have made WINNING our tradition!!
Starting April 23rd — during Week 17, we take it to a different level!
So buckle up ... let's win Founder's Week together!!!
Created By
Adam Wichmann

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