Pearl Harbor by yo girl haley

0330 // The Japanese submarines start moving in to the Harbor and were caught on the radar and reported but nothing happened.

0358 // USS Condor set an alarm to find the submarines.

0600 // The leader destroyed the fire battle on Battle Ship Row during the first wave.

0645 // An unidentified submarine was sunk by the US.

0702 // Radars are new technology and people were just starting to use them. Pearl Harbor had five. // The B-17 planes were supposed to arrive and were mistaken for Japanese planes and were shot down.

0715 // 315 total Japanese planes were attacking Pearl Harbor.

0748 // The bombs fell of the air station and Wheeler field. The Air Force had their planes all lined up in straight and neat lines which led to disaster when they were all sabotaged by the Japanese.

0755 // Civilians heard the planes and payed no attention to them because they thought it was just a drill. // Some ship names were the Oklahoma, the California, the Utah, the West Virginia, the Helena, the USS Arizona, and the Ogalala.

0806 // The bombs started huge fires and spilled tons of oil. // The bombing on the Arizona made it break in half and it sunk to the bottom on the Harbor. It is now a memorial since 1100 men died during the attack on that Battleship.

0820 // US planes from the California crashed and landed on golf courses.

0854 // The planes flew east and then split into little groups and since the first wave was so sucsessful this acutually made the second wave more difficut and dangerous.

1000 // Japanese attacks were over and 21 ships were sunk and 181 planes were destroyed and 159 planes on land were destroyed. Over 2300 men lost their lives that morning.

FDR's rough draft

He switches the phrase "in world history" to "in infamy" which has such a much stronger effect on people.

"..a date which will live in infamy.." // "But always will our whole Nation remember the character of the onslaught against us." // "..the American people in their righteous might will win throughout absolute victory." // "With confindence in our armed forces-with the unbounding determination of our people-we will gain the inevitble triumph- so help us God."

Ray Chavez // The oldest living survivor of Pearl Harbor // Ray Chavez is 105 years old and was a seamen on the USS Condor.

Jim Downing // 103 years old // He was a gunners mate on the USS West Virginia

PTSD -- Lots of the survivors had ptsd, lots of the symptoms were shaking. One man said that he shook so much that he couldn't even right his name anymore. They had many nightmares and just relived that morning over and over again. They tried to send them to mental hospitals and tell them not to talk about it. They said the worst thing to do is to not talk about it. Talking about it helps reduce the shakes and the bad dreams. They also stated that giving speeches also helps them a lot. All of them rememeber December 7 ,1941 like it was yesterday.

The men that fought that morning at Pearl Harbor had terrifying experiences. Some people were in the water and another soilider would go to turn them over and their limbs would come off or the back of their heads were missing. One man says he has no fingerprints left because 65% of his body was burned.

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