Welcome to the SHELTER 2020 webpage! On this page, we will be giving our readers a small peak into this year's magazine, which will be available to purchase at the end of the year either online or on school grounds. The integrity edition is the last of our Rangi value series for Shelter and is full of funky colours, influential articles and powerful interviews all centring around the value of integrity. We hope you enjoy!

Here is a sneak peak into some of the articles...

Our Editor for the integrity edition is Emma Cushing! Emma was head girl in 2018 and since then has moved to New York to study at NYU. In her guest editorial, she opens up about her experience moving halfway across the world and provides some advice on how to live with integrity based on what she has learnt over this time.

Every year we interview people in the Rangi community for our Humans of Rangi article, and this year one of our humans is the beloved Mr Collins. In this Q&A, Mr Collins talks about how he tries to incorporate integrity into how he lives while also speaking to us about his favourite memories since joining this community and why he loves Rangi.

Generation Z is arguably one of the most powerful, inspirational and influential generations. In this spread titled, The Generation of Change, we learn more about how these young change-makers are having an impact both locally and worldwide.

As this is the last edition of the Rangi moral series for SHELTER, we wanted to look back at our past editors of the magazines and catch up with them about we they are now and what Shelter meant to them.