The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt KUBER bhardwaj

The Spatial Experience

Initially, when I walked into the theater, I was honestly not too impressed with what I was seeing. All I saw was a huge line into the auditorium and a bunch of other students who looked like they clearly did not want to be there. I was not too excited to watch the play, especially since I have never really enjoyed plays in the past, but once I walked into the actual auditorium, I was mildly surprised. The stage was filled with props and gave the room a really old school feel to it. I was told to sit somewhere near the front which allowed me to see most of what was on stage pretty easily. When the lights finally dimmed and the entire audience went silent, I was actually very excited. It felt like I had been waiting forever to see what was going to happen. The auditorium was also quite large which made the experience more enjoyable in my opinion because it felt pretty open and the actors and actresses actually utilized the space by walking through the crowds during the performance. It really made it feel like we were with them in the performance. The role that place plays in regards to the good life is that it is important for one to be happy in the area that they reside in order to achieve the good life. The place that someone decides to stay in can make a person very happy or upset based on how they feel about the location.

Before walking into the theatre

The Social Experience

I attended the play with a few of my friends. The two friends I came with were the only people that I recognized at the theater. I enjoyed watching the play with my friends because we were able to quietly discuss what was happening throughout and explaining things to each other if there was something that was unclear during the performance. During intermission, a lot of people were discussing the play and people actually seemed to enjoy it which made the experience that much more fun. Before the play, nobody really seemed too interested, my friends and I included but once intermission came around people definitely seemed to be enjoying it a lot more than they probably expected. Shared experiences are important in for striving towards the good life as they give purpose to doing things. Being able to share with other people the experiences that you have had make those experiences more pleasurable and memorable which is important. It is harder to be truly happy if you are completely alone.

Constans Theatre

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The performance itself was excellent. I really had a great time watching it and I learned a lot from it, especially in regards to what life in poverty was like in the early 1900s and how difficult it was for those families to live in society. I knew before watching the play that before there were regulations that stopped people from overworking and from kids working that these things did happen but it is really difficult to comprehend how awful it must have been without seeing it in person. This was the closest I had seen to it and the fantastic acting and setting really helped to emphasize the struggles that the main character and his family were going through. It also really helped me understand how people in that level of society used to live.When I finally walked out of the theater after the show, I felt as thought I had learned a lot and I could sympathize more for the people that were struggling to make ends meet in today's society.

An enjoyable and educational performace

The Emotional Experience

"The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt" does a fantastic job of evoking emotion out of the audience by not holding back on some of the more dramatic aspects of the play. The play really dives into some darker topics such as the destruction of innocence, social inequalities and corruption in religion. When topics like this are brought up in the play, they can be uncomfortable to sit through but at the same time, the audience can learn a lot from them especially if it is well done. This performance gives us a feeling of cleanliness and purity afterwards because after the show is over, you realize that you have learned quite a bit and can now sympathize with these issues. It is a good feeling even though during the performance, it can feel very uncomfortable and not nice at all.

It felt really nice after the play was over

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