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Mummar Gaddafi at 26 years old, in 1969, overthrew the ruling monarch. He had been taking military training in the United Kingdom, and after graduating he rose in ranks. Gaddafi was involved in a group that planned to overthrow the king.

-Previous to Gaddafi overthrowing the Libyan government they had a monarchy. A monarchy is a government led by a monarch, a monarch is the head of state.

-After he took over the Libyan government he claimed they had an oligarchy. An oligarchy is a government led by a small group of people, in this case he said it was his family.

-Gaddafi actually was a dictator, his family's opinions were not taken in consideration unless that's also what he wanted.

-Gaddafi rose to power when he led a coup to overthrow the ruling monarch. He was then appointed commander in chief of the armed forces and chairman of Libya's new government, the Revolutionary Command Council.

-It was then that he began to slowly assume the entirety of power. He started by removing the U.S. and British military bases in 1970. In time he would eliminate the parliament, political parties, unions and nongovernmental organizations.

physical map of Libya

population map of Libya

According to the maps, wherever the higher ground is there's less people. Most people tend to live on or near the coast. In the more rural areas people are more spread so there's only a few per square mile.

Mummar Gaddafi took over the ruling Monarchy and changed it into a dictatorship. He said that it was a fair oligarchy, although he spent most his life tormenting the citizens of Libya. He took out all political parties, unions, parliaments, and nongovernmental organizations. Gaddafi changed the lives of innocent citizens, all because power took his humanity.

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