Medical Marijuana Avery Realander

How is medical marijuana effective?

Medical marijuana is very effective because it can help with pain. First off, Medical MariJuana is very effective because it helps people a lot with their pain and arthritis. In this article it states that The FDA has not approved medical marijuana but they have approved THC based medication that helps with pain, inflammation and control of muscle spasms. (**) Most people in their late 50’s and early 60’s start to develop some type of pain that can’t be cured by anything such as ibuprofen. Medical marijuana would help a lot of people who can’t use OTC (Over-The-Counter) drugs like Ibuprofen and Aspirin, and some people can’t use the most prescribed medicine like, naproxen and tramadol and these help with inflammation. All in all, Medical Marijuana is great for people who have pain and can’t take normal pills and/or can’t afford the prescription or over-the-counter.

Why does a percentage of the population think marijuana is bad ?

A percentage of people think that medical marijuana is bad because they think that it's going to kill you but it actually doesn’t, people who have access for a medical card are being accused that they are lying about it, and parents are telling their children to stay away from it but it can actually save lives. First, people think that it's like cigarettes and it kills you slowly. People believe marijuana will follow the cigarette era leading to it being harmful and killing people when in reality there has never been a case showing and deaths or harmful substance from marijuana. It doesn’t kill anybody you cannot overdose on marijuana if it natural. Next, people think that the people who get medical cards are just lying trying to get easier access to marijuana and sell it to everybody. People have easy access to getting a medical marijuana card but are being accused that they most likely do not need it when the real problem could be their doctor will not give them an actual prescription to help with their pain. Some people may about their pain but most people won’t if somebody had a curved spine they would most likely try anything to get rid of the pain. Then, Parents are telling their children never touch marijuana it super bad for you and such.Parents and stories on the news are teaching kids that marijuana is bad for them when really it’s saving people's lives such as seizure and epilepsy patients. It actually helps people try to act “Normal” and they try to have a somewhat decent life. Finally, It should be thought to be a good thing because people need it for a variety of reasons such as it won’t kill you, people most likely won’t lie about their pain, and it helps kids and adults with seizures.

How does medical marijuana improve your mental and physical health?

Medical Marijuana improves your health by relieving pain, a calming agent, and makes you stronger. First off it helps with the pain if you have a pinched nerve or a curved spine. Observational studies were conducted showing MS patients showed fewer effects while using marijuana in the place of using prescriptions. Next, it calms people, you could be stressing on if your leg will heal properly or if you will live through your next surgery. It would calm somebody so good that they would just relax and forget everything for a couple hours to cope with the stress. Then, it creates more muscles in more places when there wasn’t any before. MS patients who used marijuana were found to have stronger muscles in their back and legs also along with great balance than most people. By gaining muscle you can have a better life for lots of people. All in all, Medical Marijuana should be legalized because it helps with pain and other problems with that, it calms you down and helps you gain muscle.

Why marijuana should be legalized ?

Marijuana should be legalized because it's an alternative to Alcohol and Tobacco, Create more jobs, and lower prison rates. First off on friday nights people tend to drink because it's the only thing that is legal and get away with everything. Marijuana is safer causing no form of harm vs. than alcohol and tobacco, alcohol poisoning killing around 50,000 people each year along with almost half a million people deaths related to tobacco use. It would save lives because people would turn to marijuana instead of alcohol. Next, it create more jobs for people. People would be able to grow it and sell it therefore earning more money and helping families out. States that legalize and monitor marijuana use would lower prison rates, create more jobs in their state and create tax on marijuana in dispensaries. If somebody is living off of minimum wage and has a family to support then they can grow or sell marijuana to stores and such earning more money and create more jobs for other people in need. Then, so many people's charges would be lifted because of possession of marijuana or anything related. Almost a ⅓ rd of our US population is living under decriminalization laws for marijuana. People would be able to see their families again and it doesn’t make sense how that somebody that has a drug crime gets more time that a rapist. Finally, Marijuana should be legalized because it's an alternative to Alcohol and tobacco, it would create more jobs for people and it would free people with marijuana charges.

If medical marijuana is legalized will it be an alternative all prescription pills ?

Medical Marijuana should be an alternative to any medicine because first off an insurance plan doesn’t always cover it, it's cheaper to use instead of pills like oxycodone, and it's not addictive like other prescription pills. First, a lot of insurances don’t cover everything like pills. Health insurance is taking a toll on people who use medical marijuana because, if insurance is saying that something such as insulin would be covered or reduced to a small rate vs. Medical marijuana where it’s full price is hurting people that need it,would be harder for them to treat their illnesses and disabilities. If the insurance can cover it would be a small portion of it. It's way cheaper than prescription pills. Medical marijuana is becoming cheaper than normal prescriptions drugs, such as the amount of marijuana in a joint would cost you around $3 vs paying $40 for a single pill in this case Zofran which is used on cancer patients going through chemotherapy. Its way cheaper $3 vs $40. It can help pay for any other medical bills by saving money you can pay for anything. Then, it's not as addictive as prescription pills. Veterans affairs have been covering the cost of 10 grams of medical marijuana every day for each individual veteran since 2008. Veterans prefer Medical Marijuana than a pill that would make them feel happy, and they probably don’t want to be addicted to anything. All in all, we should convert to medical marijuana because it's more natural and cheaper, some plans can’t cover prescription pills and it's not as addictive as some pain killers.


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