Abortion BY: jackie perez

Abortion is wrong and should be illegal. Unfortunately it is legal. Some people believe it should be a mother's choice, but why? The baby is alive from conception, so that should be considered murder. Many mothers having abortions don't look at the problems abortion causes. Aside from the fact that abortion kills a human being, mothers need to look at the health risks for them. Abortion has many long term and short term physical and mental effects.

Abortion affects a women's physical health although it's usually in their head and how they see the baby. When having an abortion, there's many precautions. Will it be successful? Can you have children later on? There's many questions mothers ask themselves and even the doctor, but is it worth the pain and suffering? After having an abortion, many experience abdominal pain, nausea, scarring of the uterine lining, spotting, and bleeding (Altman). Many doctors believe “Your emotional and physical effects have to do with your belief about the baby inside you.” It depends how mothers feel about the baby inside them (Kaplan). If mothers care about the fetus then the mother will suffer more trauma. However if the mother doesn't care about the fetus she will go through less pain. It's all in mother’s head.

Abortion can have many effects on a women's mental health too. The process does more than just “getting rid” of a child. Abortion also causes mental distress, anxiety, shame, depression, regret, anger, and a desire to commit suicide (Cabrera). It can cause women to feel guilty. Guilty for taking the life of a human: Guilty for being selfish, Guilty for being irresponsible. Scientist say “ Women always want counselling after having abortions (Velzer) . Emotional effects of abortion can last for more than one year (Weiss). Emotional side effects of having an abortion are just as real as physical effects (Rich). Emotional effects can do as much harm as physical harm when having an abortion. Although emotional effects are more common.

Abortion is a very complex issue. They do more than just get rid of a child mothers no longer want. The mother needs to realize its not only about getting rid of the baby it's also hurting herself. Abortion adds danger to the mother's physical and mental health. There are other options, abortion isn't the only option to take. If pregnant a mother can always give the baby up for adoption.

Created By
Jackie Perez


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