Shroud of Turin Cam Kepley

What Is It? The Shroud of Turin is suspected to be the cloth that Jesus was wrapped in when he was lied in tomb after he was crucified.

How could it be real? -Before the image was created blood was already on the cloth. -The patterns of blood on the cloth came from human wounds. -The placing of the blood on the cloth is exactly around the same places where Jesus would have been bleeding. -The burial custom of Jews correlates to how the shrouds appearance is

How could it not be real? -Carbon dating is not always accurate -Critics believe that it could be a piece of artwork. -It was found around 1,300 years after Jesus crucified. -There is pollen from all over the world found on it, and the shroud was located in the Middle East.

My Opinion? In my opinion I really do not know what to think. There is a lot of evidence that makes me think it could be real, but there is also a lot of evidence that makes me think that it could not be real. I believe that the cloth and the blood on it was from a crucification but it is hard for me to believe that it was Jesus that was wrapped in the cloth.

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