Sarah Pessin 'Hate & Protect' project (2018--)

Below is an overview of one of Sarah's current projects, including a brief description, a link to a radio interview, a description of 2 book projects in progress, and links to 2 essays.

Project: Hate & Protect

"To cultivate best outcomes in a pluralist American democracy, look to responsibility--not friendship--as your best civic strategy."

Sarah explains what she means on Colorado Public Radio...

My current project, "HATE & PROTECT", interrogates the limits of American discourses of love, hope, and friendship. I argue that healthy civic and political futures demand a call to responsibility, not friendship. We need to develop robust civic and religious discourses that move us directly from hating our neighbors to protecting them anyway.

Sarah is currently working on a book-length treatment of this point: Hate and Protect: A Call to Trembling, Resignation, and Agency in American Pluralism (or: On a Levinasian Politics of Responsibility).

She is also currently working on an interfaith guidebook informed by this point: Making Interfaith More Uncomfortable: A Handbook.

Meanwhile, read her two essays on this idea...

Read why Sarah thinks love in politics breeds violence:

For a longer first look, read Sarah's article on agonisms in Connolly and Levinas and the need for a "trembling generosity" in our fragile approach to interfaith civics in the US today.

Contact Sarah at: sarah.pessin@du.edu.

Visit Sarah's web landing page at: https://sarahpessin.myportfolio.com

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