Crammed A Post dedicated to the General Academic Strand

Words from the General Academic Strand Representative

Marco De Jesus

"I try my best to unite the General Academic strand, inspire everyone to be involved in school activities, and serve my fellow strand mates."

What is the General Academic Strand?

By Aurelio Antonio Miguel P. Guzman

GA literally means General Academics, in which bits and pieces of different strands like HUMSS, STEM , and ABM are taken and put into one single concoction called GA. Though GA might not sound like a really good strand to go to because, the students there are considered immature or the ones who have not decided on their career path or they are sometimes considered as the bunch who didn’t make the cut. But actually GA is a place where different people with different passions can come together and work with one another to make each other better, there also a lot of benefits when it comes to GA unlike other strands, with GA after graduating you can take any course you like, from a course based on medicine to a course based on engineering, the GA strand as you can see stretches throughout almost every single course there is available in college.

The students who come out of the GA strand become more prepared to do more things, since they are in a strand that implements other subjects form the other strands, they are more flexible because they have four specialized subjects, two for each semester. With each subject they are more knowledgeable in different things.

It is true that students go to GA because they can not make up their minds to choose a course that they really want, because in that amount of time spent in GA with the specialized subjects they get to explore more fields in studies and this of course will help them in the future because the variety of subjects will help them become more flexible for almost any situation.

But going to GA doesn’t have all the advantages, the only one disadvantage of GA is that since it is a mixture of the different strands in the K-12 system it does not focus on one single thing, since it will be spread out they will be specialized in different fields but they will not be at the same level of education that came from the strands that they are based on.

What Makes the General Academic Strand Different from the Other Strands?

By Christian Carl Abrera

Although the other strands different in their own regards, what separates GA from the rest is diversity. In GA there is no focus on a particular aspect such as academics or athletics. We are more balanced per say, as the other strands focus on specific aspects such as the sciences in STEM, business in ABM, and literature in HUMSS, GA may be seen as focusing on athletics but actually we can choose what we want to do. We also take up subjects of other strands such as Management and Organization from ABM, Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction from STEM and we get electives once we are Grade 12. Our GA week was geared towards having fun as such we had a relay, fun run, quiz bee and film viewing as compared to the other strands where it was more knowledge than fun.

General Academic Strand Unity

By Jon Lennard S. Abarrientos

In the General Academic Strand, everyone about each other. If anyone in the strand gets hurt or gets insulted, usually people from different classes will try to help the person. There was this incident where you a certain person called the whole Strand a bunch of "chokers", so the whole strand stood up and did what they needed to do to correct the guy. This certain event showed that the whole strand was United, and really fought what the General Academic is really about.

Classes of the General Academic Strand

Pictures from left to right and top to bottom are the classes of 11-Brebauf, 11-Campion, 11-Canisius, 11-Chabanel, 11-De Brito, 11-Favre, and 11-Gonzaga.


Adrian Dela Cruz for the class picture of 11-Brebauf, Sean Henson for the class picture of 11-Campion, Raja Gusi for the class picture of 11-Canisius, Aaron Marbella for the class picture of 11-De Brito, Marco de Jesus for the class picture of 11-Favre, Jolo Gonzales for the class picture of 11-Gonzaga

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