Layered Liquids with a Twist By Owen Hill


My Project is the layered liquids project. Though not a regular layered liquids project. I will be adding two things that would normally melt in room temperature. The two things are, one ice cube with and, one cube of dry ice. First why I chose to get dry ice and regular ice. Since these two things melt at room temperature it will change their physical state. With them being weighed down it will react differently with each liquid. It will eventually stop and rise so it might not get to the bottom. Due to dry ice just being frozen carbon, it will have a reaction with the rubbing alcohol and lamp oil. When I did it I used the wrong colors for certain items so it came out wrong, but you can find the link for the actual 7 layered liquid project directly after this description.


You will need 8 ounces of each of the following ingredients and if you are to use ice cubes and dry ice you can add that on to the list of needed supplies. You need to add them in this order. Honey Corn Syrup Dish Soap Water Vegetable oil Rubbing alcohol Lamp oil and i used a plastic pitcher we didn't use anymore you should do the same. As i don't want to plagiarize for more directions check out this site


My project went well as you can see from the picture above, each of the liquids stacked. However, some of them didn't stack correctly, but even though it didn't work perfectly the project had a good effect. A large burst of random liquids


In conclusion this project I learned that in my experiment, to never used glass when handling dry ice as it makes it brittle and no longer usable. I also learned that you should never light a match in the plastic as the things in it are dangerous and very flammable. And on that note thank you for reading, Have a nice day.

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