Inject Creativity Live with Tim Kitchen, Erin Raethke and Jerry Wong - 16th September 2020

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Our special guests for this week...

Tanya Moran and Mark Christie

Tanya Moran

Acting Head of Digital Technologies at Mentone Girls Grammar in Melbourne

Tanya has an amazing wealth of experience in Educational Technologies. From logistics, delivery, procurement... Tanya has helped schools organise more effective learning experiences through provisioning and upgraded resources and technology for years.

Tanya first shared with us some round table discussions that were produced into a video, featuring parents, staff and students.

She then shared with us some Spark Pages that were produced by students, featuring thoroughly researched arguments on topics such as digital safety, supporting students online during COVID-19, and the critical analysis of what you read online.

From Tanya's video share during the Deeper Dive.

She also shared how her school turned on Spark for the junior school, and, well, as she said relating to their engagement...

The stats don't lie.

Tanya also pointed out the care that her school has had to take in protecting student identity and information. Students may unwittingly share personal or identifying information online without considering who may see it! Her school takes pains to review published work to make sure it adheres to policies, allows creativity, and also protects student identities.

Mark Christie

Director of Digital Initiatives for the Department of Education in the Northern Territory

Mark opened with talking about the explosive circumstances in which he found himself organising the Northern Territory Day video competition.

Engagement was high - locations that operate on satellite across the state submitted. They had approximately 20% of the schools in the state participate.

You MUST watch the video submissions. They brought tears to my eyes!

A still from the Stuart Park Primary (one of the three winning schools).

Mark emphasises building local skills for local communities, helping to not only up-skill within the community, but to provide all learners with opportunities to connect and generate international work and attention.

He is committed to removing barriers like signing on, bandwidth, and all the 'paddling under the water' stuff that makes such a big difference to learning.

Using Character Animator

with Tim and Mark

Mark and Tim shared the stage for this quick demo... Tim showed how to map Tim's face to the character 'Chloe'.

Tim-mid map (sorry Tim - this still was too good to pass up)
Chloe the puppet - Available in Character Animator.

Character animator FAQs are available here:

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Peter Hutton, convener of the Future Schools Alliance joins us, along with Adobe Education Leader Kesh Chinia from The Southport School in Queensland.

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