the disapering biome vanishing rainforests by: Andrea Collins

Tropical Rain forests are extremely important and need to be saved, this beautiful biome is home to many organisms, and is being destroyed.
The active ingredient from the Cinchona tree bark is called Quinine, and this extract is used to treat deadly types of Malaria. This Malaria fighting tree can only be found in the Tropical Rain forests of the world. The Cinchona tree is still used to this day to obtain Quinine, and treat Malaria (tocci,52).
70% or more of the plants that are used to treat cancer are only found in Tropical Rainforests. Less that 1% of the species of plants in the Tropical Rain forests have actually been analyzed to determine their value in the world of medicine (graf).
Every year an area the size of new jersey is cut down in some tropical forests .
Big Leaf Mahogany trees can cost up to $100,000 per tree, but there is only about one tree every 5.2 acres. Loggers bull dose other trees to build a road that stretches for hundreds of miles just to get to one mahogany tree (salvatore,17&18).
Even farmers are destroying rainforests, farmers in many parts of the world rely on clearing rainforests to feed their families, without access to better agricultural lands, these people use slash-and-burn to clear patches of forest for short term use. typically, they farm on the cleared land for a couple of years before the soil is exhausted of nutrients, then they must move on to a new patch of land
Almost 80% of our food crops were domesticated from tropical rainforests . Now imagine going the rest of your life without 80% of the food you eat. Sounds painful right? If we keep destroying precious rainforests, we will be eating boring foods like cheese forever.
Between 50 and 90 million different types of organisms live in tropical rainforests, but many types of plants and animals have gone extinct before they could be studied and identified by scientists. Rainforests only cover about 2% of earth's surface but about 50% of earth's plants and animals live in tropical rainforests.
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