William Shakespeare Zia rapada | Period 6

Thesis: Shakespeare made a significant impact on present-day theater, modern English, and many individuals.

Impact on present day theater:

Quote #1: "Like Shakespeare's stage, this kind of thrust stage, with its minimal scenery, allows playwrights to move their stories rapidly from place to place" (Anderson 780).

Commentary: This relates to the thesis because it shows how modern theater plays got the idea of how to change scenery and background quickly with a certain type of stage.

Quote #2: "Shakespeare's plays are still produced all over the world" (Anderson 777).

Commentary:This relates to the thesis because it shows how many different areas of the world still produce and act out Shakespeare's plays because of its significance.

Quote #3:"Now more and more theaters are building 'thrust' stages, or arena stages" (Anderson 779).

Commentary:This shows how the type of stage Shakespeare used is now being used more and more due to its helpfulness.

Impact on Modern English:

Quote #1: "Shakespeare used language of startling originality to portray many-sided characters and tell fascinating stories" (Lander).

Commentary: This relates to the thesis of impacting modern English because if Shakespeare did not use his own originality in writing the plays then the characters and stories would not have unfolded like they did.

Quote #2: "The most successful of these characters create an impression of psychological depth never before seen in English literature" (Lander).

Commentary:This relates to thesis because it exhibits in which fictional characters can be brought to life with depth.

Quote #3: “Shakespeare has had enormous influence on culture throughout the world. His works have helped shape the literature of all English-speaking countries” (Lander).

Commentary:This correlates to the thesis because it is another way in which Shakespeare impacted modern English. And that is through his different plays.

Impact on Individuals:

Quote #1:"Shakespeare has so saturated modern culture that many people who have never read a line of his work or seen one of his plays performed can identify lines and passages as his" (Lander).

Commentary:This relates to impacts on individuals because it shows how people can identify certain Shakespeare lines or passages without fully knowing his works or plays.

Quote #2:"Generations of people have absorbed his ideas concerning heroism, romantic love, loyalty, and the nature of tragedy as well as his portraits of particular historical characters"(Lander).

Commentary:This shows that people have understood the different aspects and ideas of Shakespeare's works through specific topics.

Quote #3: "...the writing process compels us to rise to the demands of Shakespeare's tragedies..." (Gleed).

Commentary:This relates to the thesis of impacting individuals because Shakespeare's format of writing and style left people wanting more.

Quote #4 :"His love of language sometimes makes him difficult to read, particularly for young students, but frequently the meaning becomes clear in a well-acted version" (Branam).

Commentary :This shows how Shakespeare's complex work pushes readers to go into deep thinking to be able to understand certain meanings.

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