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Religion the Egyptians had their wives work on shrines will the men worked on farms. One major god was Anubis he was god of the afterlife he would weigh your heart with the feather of truth if it was heavier you would not pass and if it was lighter you would pass. Another major god was atum he was god of creation. Osiris is another major god he is the god of death he also controls the underworld.

King tuts face mask.

king tut is a 10 year old ruler who has changed our religion back to polytheism after his hated father akhenaten changed it to monotheism. You can see his gold face mask with lime stone gemstone and other riches on it. A job opportunity for you is to guard his tomb you will be paid fairly. You may think that since akhenaten was bad how could his son be any better well you would be wrong king tut is nothing like his father.


The rich and poor in Egypt would wear similar clothing. However man and women wore different clothing men wear skirts and women wear long dresses. All of our clothes are made from linen form our workers and the merchants would sell them.

Wine grapes

The food is very good a typical meal for us is some onions and bread. The meat we eat most is fish we catch it from the nile river. Our goats and cows provide our milk when we domesticate them. Our grapes are most likely used for wine.

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