Geography Culminating Task Amber Moulton

In this project exploring the quality of life I have chosen to look at a cross section of world countries. The countries I have chosen to work with for my project are Singapore, Addora, and Benin. Quality of life in a given country is often gauged by the happiness or contentment of its people. In my project I am going to compare five elements of each country. The aspects I am going to explore include: Life expectancy, literacy rate, GDP/GNP (Gross Domestic Product/Gross National Product), and living standards… Having a higher rate of any of those subjects could lead to a healthy and strong living. For example, having a high literacy rate could get you to have a well experienced and highly paid job, basically having one high subject could lead to having more well aspects. Overall Quality of life is the general well being of societies throughout the world meaning it could show a negative or positive view. It includes the ranges from life satisfaction to the aspects listed above.

Singapore 🇸🇬

Starting off with Singapore, the full percentage with there Life Expectancy comes to a positive number of 82%. Meaning that the people living in that country are healthily known to survive for a well known time. Singapore is strongly advised with there Literacy Rate, they are well known to read and understand the ways of there education programs with the percent of 96.8%. I believe that also having a high rank of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) would lead to having a good rank of GNP (Gross National Product). Singapore would stand with having the highest number of GDP, with 297.9 billion. The economy included in the country is strong because it continues to grow with new places/land. Working with the GDP and GNP of Singapore it is known to be the most open in the world. Singapore has high standards when it comes too living there. The country has great necessities and well conditioned homes. So people that live there have the positive idea of being safe and sound.

Adorra 🇲🇩

Adorra would have a similarity with Singapore, seeing that the percentage of it’s life expectancy is 83.5%. Andorra would be in the lead with a full 100% of people that can positively read. This country would lead to having well paid jobs for people who live there. Andorra not having the highest of its GDP/GNP it leads with the number of 3.712 billion. From what I’ve researched Adorra is known to have a small amount of their economy. Meaning that land growth is minimum. Living among the lands of Adorra would be highly recommended by many people because they have high qualities of anything you would ask for. Such as entertainment, healthcare facilities, and a popular education system involved with elementary and secondary schools. Adorra is to be known as the safest countries.

Benin 🇧🇯

Benin only having the total of 59.12%. Life expectancy included within all these countries would explain how much of medical help, food, and most other factors would be needed to live a normal life. Benin stands at 42.4%, meaning that it’s range is in the lower area rather than even standing at the middle of having good literacy rate. Also Benin has the total of 8.307 billion. Standing higher than Andorra, Benin’s economy focuses with working with cotton and collecting other products, which means more land is being used to support its country with there GDP/GNP. Living standards in Benin would be mainly poor, with knowing that people that live there can't afford an official meal like Adorra or Singapore would be able too. Trying to maintain a house in Benin would be extremely expensive, which also most wouldn't be able to afford to have a sheltered area. Healthcare in the country is also not as efficient.

Conclusion ⚠️

The general Quality Of Life shown from these three countries show that they manage to corporate on how people are able to live a healthy and scheduled life either in Singapore, Benin, or Andorra. The aspects I have proven for these countries show what is it like to live there, but also how they manage to keep their country safe and strong.

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