Shaquille Huff pain is temorary

1. hamburgers would be the food i choose if i had an endless supply. hamburgers are the best.
2. The wolf is my favorite animal. It had been my favorite animal since i was little
3. to be successful

You can't give up on something you want. If you wanna be on the top you got to do things your not going to like. favorite super-hero is superman. because he was super strong.
5. ray lewis

5. Ray Lewis is probably one of the most influential people you could ever meet. Growing up, i can always remember watching him over come all kinds of things

6. Swiming at the lake

6. Spending time with friends.

6. Exploring new things.

7. A moive about getting through life. I would have dwayne johnson play my part.
8. If i was an ice cream flavor i would be sherbet and chocolate. Why? Because i am mixed.
9. My favorite character is peter from Family Guy. The guy is halarious
10. if i could vist a place i would choose italy. i would love to see the coultre over there.
11. My dream job would be a physical therapist. Being an athelte injuries occur here and there. Rehab is the key to getting better. I would love to help over after injuries.
12. i am a night person. it is alot more peaceful than the day.
13. music is my favorite hobby. listening to music helps with your mood so much.
14.i dislike nothing about my self. im happy how i am.
15. Weridest thing i have ever eaten is probably rabbit. Not really that werid but thats all i got.
16. There is never a dull moment with my family. Everyone in my family is funny
17. Im pretty good at knowing when somone is lying. I'll find a way to tell.

18. I am determined.

18. I am strong.

18. I am motivated

19. If my life was a movie. It would be an action movie
20. If i could be anyone other than me. I would be Sean Lee the guy loves to give back. He does what it takes no matter what.
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