The 5 Beliefs of Hinduism Caitlynn Burke-OliviaTheilen

The origins of the Hinduism religion was located in geographical nature. Not one single person founded it for it had developed very slowly for an extended period of time. The early Hindu religion was named Vedism after the Vedas. The Hindus worshipped the Brahmans, Deities, Dharma, Karma, and Samsara beliefs, as these are the 5 beliefs from Hindu that we will touch on later.

BRAHMAN, the Hindu name for supreme power, or a Devine force, is one of the most important beliefs made by Hinduism.The Brahman belief is what the Hindus would call it, a big wheel of life. Meaning that they believe life is one big cycle, repeating itself each day. The elephant of Brahman has been worshipped as early as in the sixth century when ancient Hindus began to build statues in the beliefs favor.

Another dear belief of the ancient Hindus is DEITIES. Hindus came to believe that all Deities were different faces of Brahman, each different face represented a different power or quality of the Brahman belief. Today, the three main deities is Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, each controlling every aspect of the universes.

DHARMA, a very important belief in Hinduism, is short for law, obligation, along with duty, and to follow ones. Dharma is also means to perform ones duties and so to live as one should. Hindus thought that when everybody followed the Dharma, society would at last be in harmony. Caring for ones soul, sharing food with others, and marriage is what Hindu people value due to Dharma.

KARMA discusses and talks about the importance of living up to Dharma. It also expresses what the Hindus believe to be the right way to live. The law of karma governs what happens to the soul from when they are deceased, as they believed the soul had multiple lives. When one dies, based on their karma, would then be based on their new lifestyle when they have been reborn. Souls had been rewarded or punished for the good deeds or evil they had performed. Once they are reborn the social class was then considered fair due to the actions they had completed in their past lives.

SAMSARA, was a name for the Hindus belief, of the never ending cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Meaning, that they believed life would repeat itself each day, just a continuous cycle. Before one can be released from the samsara belief, they must accomplish many lifetimes, they also balance with good actions, they perform correctly, and concludes their social duties.

Overall, the 5 Hinduism beliefs are very important to the citizens. Brahman, the most important belief, otherwise known as supreme power, is a part of everything in the world. Deities is the multiple, important gods of the Hindu belief that can control every aspect of the universe. Dharma, stands for law, obligation, along with duties, and to care for ones soul. Karma is the good and evil one will perform or act out, in which it affects the way they live in their next life, for it is fair based on their actions. Samsara is the Hinduism belief of the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, this is what the citizens would live with forever, the only way that can escape the cycle is to perform many acts of kindness. This is Hinduism's 5 important beliefs.


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