My Experience at the Florida Museum of Natural History Rachel Gerardi

Nature on Display

Going outside in the butterfly exhibit was my favorite part of this museum. Seeing all of the various types of flowers, trees, and butterflies were beautiful. I loved walking around and seeing the stones, bridges and walk ways as well. I witnessed how different types of nature can coexist with the butterflies in a screened off area, with so many types of plants, which is something I have never seen before. I was lucky enough to be at the museum when they had their butterfly release so I saw tons of butterflies landing on all of the flowers and it really made my experience at the museum!

Nature and Ethics

It is very important that we respect and admire natures place in our world, since it is so important. As people, we came in and disrupted natures place by tearing down forests and building in that area. It is our duty to rebuild the nature around where we now live and appreciate the role is plays in society. As I went through the museum I was able to fully appreciate the nature around me as I learned more about it. Nature not only creates the oxygen we breathe, but it facilitates life other than its own, provides food and shelter. It really is a spiritual thing that I was able to connect with while touring the museum.

Nature and the Human Spirit

My “ordinary life” consists of going to class, working out and watching Netflix. Rarely do I ever visit museums so going to this did require me to step outside of my ordinary life. Taking an hour to do something different and visit this museum gave me time to reflect on some of the important things in life, such as nature, plants, and animals. Watching the butterflies eat allowed me time to reflect on my eating habits and how I go about my day and appreciate my day.

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