To Whom It May Concern:

It is with pleasure that I provide a letter of reference for my student worker, Dallas Schwab. In the time I have been Dallas' direct supervisor, I have had the opportunity to see his abilities evolve into a valuable skill set that sets him apart from his peers.

Dallas has been an integral part of the Division of Student Affairs marketing department, not only while the office was undergoing a leadership shift, but under my direct supervision as well. Due to circumstances outside of his control, Dallas worked alone for four months with little supervision and blossomed into his role. He handled incoming projects, deadlines, and communication with outside departments as well as any full time employee - if not better. He can be counted on to handle things whether they fall in his scope of duties or not.

He has one of the most creative minds I've had the pleasure of working with and has the talent to single-handedly spearhead projects. One such project was to create an entire marketing series for the Distinguished Lecture Series, which hosts large-scale speakers multiple times a year. He truly created a lasting working relationship with the coordinator, which led to complete trust in his design eye. For each event, Dallas has created a cohesive design of flyers, lawn signs, VIP passes, foam boards, and anything else his creative mind comes up with.

Dallas is a good designer, performing his duties with little assistance. He has experience working on invitations, posters, displays, brochures, and advertisements for a number of departments. His professionalism and attention to detail have impressed our clients long before they see the high quality graphic designs he produces for them, directly leading to an increase in repeat clients.

As the sole full-time staff member of a small department that services a large division, I have to depend on student workers to complete the department. Because of this, my student workers are asked to take on more responsibility than is typical for other student positions. Dallas has shone under the additional responsibility, and will continue to do so in his future endeavors. You may feel free to call me at the University of North Texas, (940) 369-7255, for further information.


Kate Neal

Marketing Specialist II for The Division of Student Affairs | University of North Texas

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