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The Focus Mood Lady

Focus: simple and profound.You have certainly heard that what you focus on expands and strengthens.

So what do you do with this tool? And yes, it certainly is a tool. If what you focus on expands, what do you think happens when you focus on lack or on all the things you don’t quite have yet. And what do you think happens when you focus on the things that you feel you will never have?

Yes, the more you focus on these things, the more you will feel their absence.

Sometimes people think that focusing on positive things or focusing on what you DO have is denial. And this is just not so. It’s not about fooling yourself into believing you have something you don’t.

It’s about seeing what you DO have, what you have achieved. It’s about seeing all the simple beauty in your life so even more of this comes in. It’s about focusing on where you are and where you want to go instead of being stuck in the past. It’s about being grateful and tuning into possibility.

Journey Questions:

What are you currently focusing on? Is there an area of your life that would benefit from a change in focus? What do you choose as your new focus?

Focus Mood Lady

Who can use the Focus tool?

  • If you're feeling stuck and notice you aren't getting anywhere. Think about what your Focus is. Sometimes we think we're focusing on what we want, but instead we are focusing on the fact that we don't have it.
  • If you seem to be noticing all that you don't like about a situation or a relationship.
  • If you're feeling lost or uncertain about what step to take next - in your career, with your business, in a relationship.

Would you like more practice and/or support with the Focus tool?

Mood Lady Modules allow you to explore this tool by itself or in combination with other Mood Lady tools. You get help choosing the tools/themes and can decide on the pace that best suits you.

All Mood Lady images drawn by Debra Valentino.

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Janette Valentino

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