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My name is Isaiah Patton, but my friends know me as Zai. I am a Senior, and will be graduating this summer. I am from Vallejo, California a small town with a lot of soul in the bay area. We are known for our athletes as well as our musicians. We have a long history of great athletes to come out of our city in both football and baseball. Growing up this is where my love for sports came from especially Football, Baseball and my favorite Basketball. Along with sports my city fostered a ton of musical talent that has members from Sly and the Family Stone, Con Funkshun, and a variety of popular rock bands. Our most influential music artist from our city and the bay area in general is Mac Dre he grew up just around the corner from where I was raised. He passed in 2004 but his influence and legacy still lives on he still gets mentioned by popular artist like Drake, and Rick Ross when mentioning the bay area. Jalen Rose recently just mentioned him on ESPN as well. Being from Vallejo I strive to embody that charisma and connection to others Mac Dre had. This year I combined my love for sports and music in a podcast that I hosted with former ducks TE Pharaoh Brown. We discussed sports, music and even a little politics while we interviewed guest athletes and other students. When not in school I love to spend time with my friends and family. I also like to travel and hope to have the opportunity and means to do so more often in the near future.

Friends and Family
Mac Dre
I'm from the California coast beaches and bridges
Oregon vs UC Davis
How to be a player ft Bill Bellamy
CEO Network

Recipe For A Story

Step 1. Cook Hash Browns they take the longest usually pop them i the oven for 15-20 Mins

Step 2. Cook Bacon and Sausage use pre-cooked bacon and sausage does not take as long to cook.

Step 3. Heat up the pan and add butter to pan let butter melt so the scramble doesn’t stick.

Step 4. While pan is heating up crack open the eggs and beat them in a separate bowl

Step 5. Pour in beaten egg into pan and add salt/pepper

Step 6. Add in Hash Browns break up

Step 7. Cut up Sausage and Bacon

Step 8. Add Sausage and Bacon

Step 9. Pour beaten eggs over Hashbrowns , Sausage and bacon

Step 10. Mix different ingredients in the pan until eggs are fully cooked

Step 11. Add cheese on top, cover the pan to help cheese melt

Step 12. Turn pan off and enjoy!!!

IG Story

For my Instagram story project I was teamed up with Justice McCree. Choosing a topic for our project was not difficult at all. Justice and I always have had a battle of who makes the best scramble between the two of us. Personally I think mine is better. He will probably say the same about his. When mutual friends do a taste test they usually choose mine. The day we went to film Justice wasn't feeling well so instead of recording a competition Justice worked the camera as I worked my magic in the kitchen. We went through each step and tried to decide what might look cool in a story as a picture, boomerang or video. It was funny to hear people watching the story try to figure what was going on.

Medium Series: Dwayne Wade"Flash"

Dwayne Wade aka "Flash" or " Father Prime"

This project was very fun. I did not even know what a medium series was. Now that I do know just what a medium series I believe I have read stories using medium or variations of it in my favorite app. "Flipboard" where you can read through different news articles from a variety of different outlets. Dwayne Wade is my favorite player so I enjoyed going back through his stats and accomplishments. I noticed just how emotional I will be when he retires. I was only in the 4th grade when he began to be my favorite player. I always loved his heart and how he played bigger than he is. It will be a sad day for me when he decides to hang it up. On this project I think we were not aware of just how many pictures you can put on one card using the scroll feature. I think that was definitely an area for improvement. Overall I think it well.

New York City

Snapchat Influence

For the snapchat influence project I happened to be in New York. This did not give me a lot of time to plan out my shots or execute my idea very well as we were very busy with agency visits each day. Immediately when I got to New York I noticed all of the wonderful architecture throughout the city from the subway system, to historic buildings and cathedrals. As I navigated through the city I used snapchat to capture some of the amazing architecture that I saw through out the city. As most know New York is known for its sky scrappers and I saw plenty with all different type of designs. This picture is from the rooftop of one of the agencies looking over the city I chose this because, I thought it gave a good perspective of just how beautiful the architecture of different buildings in New York can be. This was my first time in New York and I must say it was an amazing experience.


Diversity Project

For our last project in this class we had a group project. I worked with Harry, Clara and Diego. This was honestly one of the best groups that I have been apart of in all my years of school. Everybody came to every group meeting ready to work and make necessary contributions. Clara did some amazing work for us on the design end to make everything look beautiful. Harry was really valuable for us as the rest of us were minorities in the group but he shared his perspective as a white male. I feel that really made our project strong with him discussing with us the challenge in how to approach a conversation on diversity. I understand he is not alone in feeling that way. I have a ton of respect for each of these people and would love to work with them in the future. This picture I chose was an example of an Instagram post I created using adobe spark. I am really glad that you showed us adobe spark. I use it all the time now. I have used it for different classes and side projects for my internship and podcast I help with. It is an easy and very useful tool for Instagram post. Adobe spark has certainly been one of my greatest take aways from this class.

Created By
Isaiah Patton


Mac Dre  Photo- http://a1yola.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Mac-Dre.jpg

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