Brexit It is clear that Every private individual who persecutes a man, his brother, because he is not of the same opinion, is a monster...

By Adam McCarthy

Voltaire would support Britain leaving the European Union because he believed in the freedom of people and their independent decisions. He believes that everyone should be able to state their opinion as long as it doesn't disturb the public order. This is similar to the Brexit vote because it will change Britain but will only slightly change the region and will likely barely impact the rest of the world.

"I shall never cease, my dear sir, to preach tolerance from the housetops, despite the complaints of your priests and the outcries of ours, until persecution is no more."

This shows that he wants everyone in the nation's opinion to be respected and not ignored and for people to tolerate each other's opinions. He was for the ability for people to make there own decisions and think freely and not be afraid of doing so. He thinks that people should be able to state their opinion and not get any backlash for it. This relates to Brexit because some people want to secede from the union and some don't and there can be some harsh opinions between the 2.


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