Father Heinz Kulüke Returns to cebu for a surprise visit

the office is where ever Father Heinz sits

Father Heinz is the head of 6000 Missionaries and sits in the windowless medication stockroom of the University of San Carlos, Cebu. He works 20 hours a day, starting his day at 1 am...

Father Heinz meets the woman on the dump site who has born 13 children and lost all in that environment.... All children died....
every one gets attention and advice
People have to work until they die
Father Heinz explains important things and is witness of scavengers cooking pork they found in the garbage; Christmas decoration is also being found on the dump site
Father Heinz cares for the blind, dying woman
the will to establish a normal life
this is where they live on
the smile of the Kids is the main motor of Father Heinz' energy
The dump makes sick, very sick. Father Heinz brings the cure
the big achievement of his work - bringing Kids to school
I like Heinz Kulüke
there is always a crowd of children around Father Heinz. They are thankful as all they have is due to him. And this is what they achieved - a house worth living in, a clean Environment and education!
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karl fluch