Meet Jackson and his mother, from Tanzania

On one of ReSurge’s most recent trips to Africa, surgical team members treated children and adults suffering from a range of conditions

One of the patients was Jackson, suffering from a congenital skin condition, called hairy nevus, that covered 30 percent of his face and head. Left untreated, hairy nevus has a high likelihood of developing into cancer.

To reach ReSurge’s surgical site, Jackson and his mother traveled 10 hours by bus. They heard about ReSurge from an aunt, who is a nun in Itigi.

Says Jackson's mother, "I have been worried about Jackson since he was born. Whenever he would fall down and hit that area of his face, it would break open and bleed and form more scarring and bumps. Now that ReSurge's surgery has treated Jackson forever, I have hope for his future."

Restoring hope to men, women, and children like Jackson and his mother, is the core of what we do at ReSurge International. Every year, we transform the lives of nearly 3000 patients and work to train the next generation of reconstructive surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, pediatricians, and others. As result of our work, patients' lives are transformed - they are able to more fully participate in their communities, attend school, and provide for their families.

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