North and South Korea Conflict By: Jasmine Yang and Dorothy Nguyen


Where in the World is this conflict?

In North Korea and South Korea

Why is this taking place?

Because North Korea invade South Korea

CuRrent politiCal Geography

South Korea is a fragmented state with a physical border and they have the 38th parallel

Geographic AnalysIs

People who are involved
  • 6 million soldiers
  • Sailors and airman
  • 3 million communist(North Korea)
  • China and Russia
  • 3 million soldiers (South Korea)
  • 21 UN including Austrailia
Ethnic/Religious Groups
  • Protestantism
  • Korean Buddhism
  • Roman Catholic
Does Physical Geography play a role?

Yes, because South Korea is a peninsula allowing it for easy isolation of war.

What is being fought over?

North Korea is supported by the Soviet Union, China but South Korea is supported by the United States and North didn't like that.

Is this affecting other countries?

Yes, it is affecting the United States and each other.

Evolution of the political situation

Current Political Situation

Since North Korea announced that it is testing a nuclear weapon for the 4th time

How and when did the situation emerge

When 75,000 soldiers from the North Korea army went across the 38th parallel.

Who has and wants sovereignty in this situation ?

South Korea

How has history shaPed this conflict ?

The Cold War that started in 1947 through 1991 shaped this Korean conflict

United States Interests

Why should U.S be concerned with this conflict?

The United States was so eager to stop the spread of communism drinking the Cold War period that it was willing to sacrifice so many Amercan lives in the Korean War

What has the U.S done about it ?

Harry S. Truman ordered u.s troops to aid of S. Korean and convicned UN to send military aid describe as "police aid"

What should the U.S do about it ?

The U.S should have stayed in Korean to help longer

Road to recovery

How and when could this conflict be Solved?

Mostly in 10 or 15 years later

What has happed for it to be solved?

By stopping the missiles and having a peac treaty

Future Solution for this conflict

The possible solution is that the US can gather more allies to help. The president will implement the solution. The disadvantages is that North Korea will gather their own allies and fight against them.

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