Rytopia A place to thrive on being yourself

In Rytopia our vision for our community is to create a place for people to express and be themselves and to be cared for no matter what.
Rytopia is located in Scotland highlands. It gives us good resources with beautiful views and also keeps us safe from the rest of the world.
To join Rytopia you will need to fill out a very simple application form proving you are happy with being yourself or need help to be comfortable with yourself and you cannot have a criminal record
The schedule of Rytopia 8-9am go to work and school. at one every one comes home from school and adults at 4 and the rest of the days is yours.

RULES OF RYTOPIA 1. No being afraid of being your self. 2. no bullying/teasing anyone!. 3. No murdering/hurting anyone. 4. no class groups 5. ALWAYS EXPRESS YOUR SELF!. 6. follow trafic laws. 7. pay taxes 8. if you have kids no divorcing (unless abuse) 9. every one has to have some kind of pet. 10. BE HAPPY

Rytopia is a Democracy so we are all represented and treated equal!

This is our state seal. As clearly seen this horse is not afraid to be its self.v

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