The Come Up Jessie,Keon,shri

Whats The Purpose?

The purpose was to build a air cannon out of PVC and test how far we could project tennis balls out of it with air pressure. The cannon had to have adjustable air pressure, elevation, also z-axis rotation and it had to be controlled by a arduino. We also had to test accuracy and precision.

We put our dementions that we got into the online box maker and then design it out on Onshape and cut on the laser. I had never used Onshape before. On the left is the layout for our box with all the teeth and pockets shown better detail in the other 3 photos.

Cutting out The box

We used the class Laser to start cutting out the sides of our box for the cannons barrel support. This was the final product that came from the online box maker.

Building The Cannon

This was the first day in the Shop where we followed rules from Twilley to prep, prime, and assemble the cannon. I haven't been back in the Shop since 9th grade, so this was my first time using the new equipment and I didn't want to mess up. The purple liquid we are putting on the pipe is called primer. We hap to apply primer before we glued. Here are pictures of us putting the glued and primed pieces in their place and holding them very tightly so that they could stay on place so the glue could set. We had to hold for at least 30-45 seconds. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the finished cannon

Our first design...

This was our first design that we thought of putting our cannon on a base on top of a tripod that we were going to make out of wood. But we though that the tripod wouldn't slide on grass and it would be too heavy to fit on the tripod, so we had to scratch that Idea.

Another Idea...

This was our second design we though of. This design didn't work because our cannon would be too heavy and we didn't have any elevation or rotation so this design was out.

Our Design Inspiration.

This was our teams inspiration wanted to try to make a tripod out of wood but we had limited wood so we couldn't make a tripod. Also with the telescope we saw how it had a rotating arc and how effective that could be for us.

The Arc For Our Design

Here we thought of how the cannon would control the arc and also rotation as you can see in the photos how we were going to control the arc by putting a pole that goes through the holes in the design all the way through the other side also at the same time we could also rotate it by putting holes in the base in the photos below.
This is the base with the holes you would put a small pole through the design that would eventually go through the base too and hat is how you would control rotation.

The Design

We finally were able to sketch out a design after changing it a few times with the help of Mr. Twilley, he told use to not to waste all of the material, so we cut out the middle of our design so it would the easier for it to move and it would be simpler. As you can see we have four small triangular pieces to hold up the side boards to make it balanced.

Making It A Reality

We cut our design out on the shop-bot but we had major problems but we adjusted by getting thicker wood. We had to cut out t-bone corners on our wood because the bot didn't cut straight corners because of technical difficulties. In order to connect our pieces we had to cut t-bone corners.
Here all the parts are glued on and then we realized that we messed up by gluing cannon on our design upside down. Finally we added a bolt in the middle so the base could spin. Also we used a small metal rod that could be a pin for our rotation.
On the paper are of the math and calculations involved in writing the lab for the trials and collected cannon data. Also we have the group shooting the cannon and checking the PSI. And last we tried to find the right angle so we could hit our target.


The cannon was a success because we met all requirements for the project and more and when we played the battle ship game we placed second with 25 points by hitting the tarp a coupe of times. Also that is the overall data from us shooting the cannon.

What would I change?

If I could change anything I would change how many holes are in our semicircle because we couldn't even use most of the angles because of the sides being in the way.

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