Artist By: Max Dussling

What do artists actually do?

Artists create personal projects using all kinds of media and they continue to do this to further prove their ability as an artist. They put their work up for sale on online marketplaces, auctions, and galleries as well as walk in galleries. Artists spend most of their time building their reputation as an artist. Only successful artists can support themselves off of their work. Artists who aren't as successful usually have another job.

What skills and abilities are required?

There are a number of skills and abilities required to be an artist. Some of these skills or abilities include: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Tech Knowledge, Project Management, Style, and Passion. There are also more physical skills such as being able to draw, paint, write, etc.

What degree and training do you need?

A formal education is not required to be an artist but many artists have an education to enhance their artistic ability and also receive a normal education. Some artists go even further and acquire their Bachelor's or Master's degree in arts.

What companies employ Artists?

Companies that hire artists vary greatly but most are usually going to be big corporations, Advertising Firms, Television Studios and Video Production companies, and Internet and Software Development Companies such as CNN, Microsoft, Apple, Sony, Activision, EA and many more.

What is the schedule look like for an artist?

The schedule for all artists vary greatly and there is no way to tell an exact schedule of an artist. If you work for a larger company then you can expect an average 40 hour work schedule but if you freelance, work for a smaller company, or own your own company then your schedule would probably be varied each week.

What kind of pay do artists make?

On average artists make around $53,400 a year which would mean about $25.67 per hour. the most successful artists make up to $90,050 per year however this can vary greatly as well.

What is an artist's outlook through 2024?

The outlook for this job is around 2% which is slower than usual but again, this can vary between artists.

Jamie hewlett

Jamie hewlett

Jamie was raised in Horsham, West Sussex and was a pupil at Tanbridge House School, a co-educational comprehensive for pupils aged 11-16 years. He contributed to the art in a campaign about road safety that ended up runner-up in a national TV competition. He went off to study at Northbrook College Worthing where he met and became friends with Alan Martin and Philip Bond who all three created a fanzine called Atomtan. This caught the attention of Brett Ewins. After college Alan and Jamie were invited by Brett to work on a magazine called Deadline with Steve Dillon in 1988. The magazine was full of comics by British creators and contained articles on music and culture. Alan and Jamie created a strip called Tank Girl which instantly became popular. He has been working with people on projects, doing his own pieces, and creating art for the band Gorillaz ever since.

Gorillaz art from 2001
Tank Girl art (Comic co-created by Jamie)
Jamie's personal art from his Suggestionists gallary

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