How America Started By: Duygu Lal UNsalan

These are some of the parts of how America started in five parts. From little settlements like Jamestown to being free from England to have a new country, America.

In 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean to find a shorter trading route to the other side of the world like China. He thought that he would sail right to India ,but he didn't. He thought that it was just ocean and no land.Instead he found and explored what is now called America . He also found valuable goods like gold.

In 1607 the English start to make their settlements in Jamestown in Virginia.They start to travel to America ,and make some of their first settlements there. They go there to find gold and other riches. Jamestown was their first successful English settlement in North America.

In 1775 the Revolutionary war had begun. The Americans wanted to break free from England. When the war started America was going against one of the world's largest army. At the time there was no American army. America only had little militias that were some of the part-time soldiers from previous battles. There were also volunteers. The first battles were Lexington and Concord.

In 1776 the Americans declare war on England. They want to break free from England ,and to be an independent country. There are many battles in the revolutionary war that leads the country America to be independent country. The war ends by the Treaty Of Paris in 1783.

The Treaty of Paris took place in 1783. It declared that the war was over and that the thirteen colonies were free from England. America became an independent country. They were no longer controlled by England. Later, came the constitutional convention.George Washington was the president for America after the war.


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