Green Space nayeli huerta

My project focuses on the importance of green space and why Los Angeles needs more of it.

Green space is important for children because it helps them develop healthy bodies, strong minds and gain confidence since it allows them to be more social. It is also a place where lots of family bonding happens and new friendships are created. Studies have shown that children who are surrounded by green space have a 55% chance to not develop any mental disorder as an adult.
Children get cardio done when they are at the park because they are always running around non stop, playing all day long instead of just being at home sitting on the couch using electronics, while no movement is getting done. When children don't do any exercise it can lead to obesity.
Local residents of Boyle Heights using what they found around the park, a string and stick as a rake to fish. When children are out they learn new things and tend to do hand on work like in the picture you can see out of what they created their fishing rake.
Green space not only beneficial for children but for adults too. Adults tend to get stress more and being surrounded by at least a bit of nature can help dis-stress.
Los Angeles is short on green space and as it keeps growing the less green space there is. Especially in low income cities like in my community East LA and Boyle Heights. We are already lacking in green space and not much is being done about it. In my community lots of apartments are being build.