MULANI SAFARI Surprises in the green season

When we met in the Cape Winelands, I mentioned that since the rains had fallen in our safari area we might not see much wildlife.

But when we got to our safari, this was not at all how it all turned out . . .

Amazingly the first animals that we saw were lions . . .

. . .and the second were a family of warthogs

. . . and then we saw the lions eating the warthogs! A truly incredible introduction to safari!!!!

But the game viewing didn't end there. Varsha wanted to see as many of the Big-5 as possible and by the time we reached our private, remote camp, we had seen two breeding-herds of elephants and . . .

. . . a very large herd of buffalo, including this big-boy

When time we arrived at our beautifully located camp we were elated, but the euphoria was short lived because we soon learnt that the Big-5 are the NOT the most dangerous things in the bush. An enormous branch from an Acacia erioloba tree crashed down onto the vehicle, narrowly missing three of us!

But the next day our luck continued and we found a mother Cheetah with four youngsters. Later in the day we saw them have an altercation with baboons but unfortunately this drama happened too quickly in poor light for us to capture any images.

Cheetah are amongst the rarest predators in Africa, and we were spoilt by having two excellent action-packed sightings of these regal cats.

We even got to see the giant lion - Bubhezi. Not only did we see him but he strolled right up to our vehicle and proceeded to give a mighty roar, which shook the vehicle and unsettled our souls

And we saw his rather handsome young son.

We watched these hippos on foot until the territorial bull threatened us. Some of us politely moved away, while others prudently & rapidly retreated to the vehicle

Our luck was not restricted only to the cats, We saw a herd of the extremely rare and beautiful Roan Antelope. We also found a python at the top of a tall tree, but it was too well camouflaged to photograph

The safari was not just about big game. We also had tons of fun.

And saw so many exquisite birds, like this migratory Carmine Bee-Eater

The rainy season is also the time for babies, like these month-old impalas

Our safari was special in many ways, but for most the highlight was the walks that we did. Walks allow us to see the smaller creatures and the tracks and to get a much better understanding of the ecology.

A leopard tortoise

Dung beetles rolling a nuptial ball of dung.

A migratory Lesser Spotted Eagle after engorging itself on the hundreds of thousands of emerging termites.

And we did manage to walk with some of the giants of Africa

Don't try this on your own at home.

On our last night of safari we were spoiled with a memorable sunset

But we still had The Victoria Falls and more fun to look forward to

The family at The Victoria Falls

The Main Falls

Until next time . . .

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