Hi, I'm Sandy Jones, newborn and family photographer. My job is to document moments in time for your family now and in the future. Newborn photography is my specialty, I absolutely love babies, I can watch them for hours, to me they are all different, the faces they pull, the noises they make, their little fingers and toes and the little burpy smiles, gorgeous.

Don't let these memories pass you by, they are fleeting, believe me before long they are running around and leaving you behind, - school, traveling and marriage - you get the picture.

Booking your session

You are going to have a baby, now is the perfect time to plan your newborn session and pre-book around the time you are due, these dates will be changeable as babies due date can be a week or so out. The best time to get those sleepy poses, where we can put baby in or on anything is within the first ten days, after that time baby is much more alert and they are usually awake through most of the session and can't be put into some positions as their body isn't so supple, their tummies are fuller and they are a lot more awake. Some babies are the exception to the rule, as I have photographed babies a couple of months old and they have slept through the whole session. Take the time to think about what you want from the session, do some research and contact me to have a chat.

Proud to say I am an APNPI Qualified Newborn Photographer
I carry you for 9 months & carry you in my heart forever.

What do I need to know?

  • If you can dress baby in an outfit that is easy to take off at the session this will help keep baby asleep.
  • Bring a pacifier, even if they haven't used one before it can make a huge difference to keeping baby calm while doing different poses.
  • Baby will usually fall asleep on the car ride to the session. When you arrive bring baby in the car seat to keep them settled and asleep.
  • If breastfeeding, watch what you eat 24 hours prior to the session, this makes a huge difference to having a settled baby at the time, bland non spicy foods and no coffee as a suggestion.
  • The room will be kept very warm as baby loses body heat very quickly, so wear layers yourself so you don't get too hot.
  • During the session we will do a few different poses, I will start with a few in what they are wearing when they come maybe, then in wraps with nappies underneath. If you would like some with no clothes we will do this last, as messes are inevitable.
  • I use a shusher machine which can help keep baby calm and sleepy and soft music in the background.
  • Be prepared to feed baby during the session, we like to keep baby happy and settled. Getting rid of wind is also pretty important to keep baby comfortable for longer.
  • If you have any posing ideas you would like or colours you wish used just let me know in advance. Pinterest is fantastic to give you some idea of poses. Planning ahead helps make the session run smoothly.
  • If you are doing some no clothes poses, I can pretty much guarantee a mess will be made, have nappies ready and don't panic it's all part of the job.
  • No cameras are allowed in the studio, no cellphone pictures please.

Baby Safety

I have successfully completed my newborn safety course through APNPI

Photographing your newborn is quite a privilege, and I take it very seriously. Your baby is very vulnerable at this age and safety is paramount in my mind. Babies blood flow, keeping airways open, their spine and bones are all forefront in my mind. Some poses are fine while baby is asleep but not when they are waking and alert, a babies natural reflex is to startle with arms flinging out, and they do this out of the blue, so they must be spotted at all times. There are some very cute poses being done, and a lot of these poses require more than one pair of hands, and also baby needs to be completely asleep so they don't jump out of the pose and hurt themselves. You are very welcome to bring me images you wish to replicate but I am completely baby led and if baby is not happy to do it, we won't be doing it. If I feel it may be unsafe for your little person I will let you know. The most important person in the room is your baby :)

From love

The Studio

My new studio has plenty of room for the family, warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and with a good supply of props, backgrounds, blankets, and all sorts of things to make every session a little different each time. I'm constantly adding to these all the time, making many of my own props, scouring antique and second hand stores, ordering local and overseas to bring something special to each session. I now totally use studio lighting to keep my images at a consistent standard.

Beanbag, suitcases, backdrops
Tutus, hats, dresses, blankets, toys
Headbands, flowers, ribbons
Wings, lace, beads
Pretty colours
Fluff, texture
Pure wool soft felt blankets (made by me)

After the Session

After the session, I will spend quite a few hours editing the photos, to make sure they are shown in their best light. Skin will be cleaned, pimples and flaky skin smoothed out. I will endeavour to get your photos ready within 12 days. Normally during a session I can take quite a few photos to make sure I get some nice art pieces for you, from these I will pick out the best 20-40 photos for you. They will be hi-resolution for good quality printing, there will also be small low-resolution photos for posting on Facebook and email, the smaller photos will have my logo on them for copyright purposes. They will be put onto a beautiful wooden keepsake USB. I truly urge you to print the photos out, it's much nicer to flick through hard copies in the future, timeless treasures.

Special Siblings

Contact me at smilebabynz@yahoo.co.nz or 0272014769


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