Timeline A progression of our design thinking process

Week 1: Dynamic

Our understanding of the problem began with dissecting the dynamic requirements JPRA members face each day. Finding a complete balance between resource planning and personnel scheduling.

"The system is not just for tasks... it tracks everything about a person...like PTO and vacation." Dave Troyer

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Week 2: Web - Based

To successfully meet the needs of the JPRA we needed to ensure that it was web-based to allow users to access the schedule from anywhere, even on-the-go. This means it needed to be mobile friendly.

'What are the features to be kept in mind?" "Accessible in many locations" Rob Liston

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Week 3: Security

Our priority was to find a solution that would not involve an extensive approval process, namely using a program that is used by US military or government personnel already. Being a cloud-based solution means having a SOC 2 security certification to ensure the highest levels of web security.

"The perks of cloud based solutions is that then they [the JPRA] don't need servers." Shawn Lough

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Week 4: Product Restraints

Throughout the year there are an average of 80 classes, which is only one are of JPRA system requirements. We needed to find a multi-functional program to meet the needs of 50 people, each with different priorities.

"Initially the numbers within JPRA would be 50 personnel but could grow to 400." Rob Liston

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Week 5: Decision Matrix

With the JPRA's needs in mind, we developed a list of top priorities in a potential solution. These were: currently used by military, security, cloud-based, dynamic, search capabilities, implementation support, auto-population, conflict detection, resource prioritization and cost. We then weighted each attribute against each other to evaluate our short list of top possible solutions.

"The system needs events, dates, who we are supporting, travel, expenses, who approved it, how much overtime is needed..." Chris Avila

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Week 6: Implementation

Our goal was to provide the JPRA with a holistic scheduling program that gives all the users access to a dynamic scheduling system. In doing this, we made it a priority to provide sufficient training, support and guidance through its implementation. As a result, we will provide a list of steps to ensure that all JPRA personnel are satisfied with their final product.

"You need to find the best solution for the best support for the client." Shawn Lough

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