The Alchemist By: luisa f.mercado

“They’re just a pile of stones. You could build one in your backyard." Page 55.

Said the Merchant in "The Alchemist" It means that you don’t have to travel that far to see something that you could have in your backyard. This stood up for me because it’s something that for example when you want to go to place really far away to see something you already have there a block away from where you are it’s not worth it . This adds to the personal legend because the boy is viewing the things differently. The dream of having a new change or memories that would never go away. Thinking of this makes me realize that wherever you are you can have what you wish for, you would not have to have that necessity of needing to travel.

“Never stop dreaming” pg. 64

The old king had said. It means that he should follow the omens. This stood you to me of when, “ you want something you should achieve it. This adds to a personal legend by them having the thought of the universe is going to help them achieve whatever it is that they desire. This brings me back to when i was 5 years old I've been all my life in gymnastics until i broke my right ankle during a practice at age 14. Getting my hopes down of the thought that i wouldn't be able to do a sport again made me dream. Dreaming made me stronger through out time and now here I am dancing all the time and playing volleyball.

“ When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it” pg. 64

The old king had said. This means that it may all grant their wishes but there may still be danger. This stood up to me because plenty of things can happen while you go through an endless desserts. This adds to a personal legend by describing the pyramids of just being a pile of stones.

“There is only one way to learn.. It’s through action. Everything you need to know you have learned through your journey. Orange (129)

There’s only one way to learn what you know and it’s by yourself going through your path. This quote states a very easy to understand truth about life, that it is in experiencing and taking part in something that you really learn about it, whatever it is. There are times when they tell us not to do something or the way we should do it and end up never doing it . But it is not until go through the experience our self to learn the reason behind the lesson/advice. There was one time when my mother was working all day long, so i decided to go to a festival that was going on in Las Cruze's with my best friend. It was on a Saturday morning, we took her dad's jeep and i was driving to the festival because it was about an hour away from where we were. Having the music all loud having the best day of our life as teenagers, time passed by we met with some guys and girls that invited us to a party after the festival "Why not right? I mean nothing could go out wrong " we thought. It was the worst decisions we could of had made because we didn't even know them.
My mom randomly called me that night asking where i was. I decided to lie obviously and said i was home alone watching some movies eating munchies. When she said " oh really? is that so? because I'm here at the house and you'r not watching movies or anything! so where are you ?" That's when i knew i should of had lied and just tell her but at the same time i was more than an hour away from the house. There is when i learned from a big mistake of not lying. Because of that i got my phone taken away including all my privileges of going out for two straight months



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