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This is a rock that has eroded
Natural Bridge Caverns...YAY rocks that were eroded changed shape because of wind or water that washed it or broke it down to make it different shapes........=]
sediments that have been weathered away by water,wind,and ice

this water from the beach washes up sediments and carries them to a new place. That is called deposition

these mountains are eroded... thats why they have different shapes and bends in them

Landforms are when mountains or something erode and change into landforms.They can change by weathering , erosion , and deposition. Weathering is when the ice or water gets inside of the rock and freezes and the rock breaks because as the water freezes the ice expands. Erosion is when it changes the shape of a rock or something by wind , water , or ice . Deposition is when wind , or water carries the sediments to a new place.

Canyon that has been eroded

this piece of land has almost sank all the way in the water and it will probably be gone in the pacing years.

These rocks have been eroded and that is why there are many different shapes.Water wind or ice broke it looks like a slide


Created with images by Richard Allaway - "Worm's Head Arch, Gower, South Wales, UK" • YANGsheng2015 - "dunhuang tourism landform" • jdg32373 - "Natural Bridge Caverns 8-4-2014-37" • jdg32373 - "Natural Bridge Caverns 8-4-2014-28" • jdg32373 - "Natural Bridge Caverns 8-4-2014-44" • grantlairdjr - "IMG_0986" • Wolfgang Staudt - "morning" • Richard Allaway - "Deal Beach Sediments" • mploscar - "colorado loveland pass snow" • iamangela9 - "danxia landform yadan zhangye" • Richard Allaway - "Worm's Head, Gower, Wales" • zpshumway - "cave rock stone" • shankar s. - "A solitary Herring Gull surveys the scene around him" • Grand Canyon NPS - "Grand Canyon National Park: Early Start on the South Kaibab Trail 2995"

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