Jahvel Adrian Beckles (born July 26th, 1991), better known by his stage name Big Fresco, is a Canadian musician, rapper, songwriter, singer and record producer and engineer. His name arose due to his Latin heritage, Always-Fresh style and a tribute to his mother who went by the name J Fresca in her younger days.

Jahvel Adrian Beckles was born on July 26th, 1991 at Toronto General Hospital in Toronto, ON, CA, to parents who were both very young at the time, 17 year old Argentinian-Italian Jennifer Stagliano and 16 year old African-Guyanese Raymond Beckles. His background and upbringing is very diverse and unique. Jahvel was predominantly raised by his Grandmother who came from Argentina, travelling back and forth with her from the country til he was a teen. It was there he was able to learn Spanish and also embrace the Latin culture. In a 2021 interview with CJRU Radio He mentions his mother as an early influence in hip hop, as she was much younger than other mothers at the time, and played a lot of urban music in the house.

Big Fresco has claimed in interviews that the main reason he started rapping was due to his introduction to hip-hop through Notorious B.I.G’s Juicy and Dr. Dre’s album “2001” and to the fact that he was not particularly an A+ student nor a traditional thinker, he started rapping to fit in socially. As much of a fairy tale we would like this to be Big Fresco also had a dark path he had to face before officially making music. Having to withstand the hardships of a single parent household, at 14, Big Fresco was charged with Armed Robbery right before the end of his Freshman year at Jean Vanier C.S.S.. This took a major toll and set back socially, as he was then put under house arrest and was home-schooled for the remainder of the year. As the days went by Big Fresco used his time to read and put his mind towards the power of Knowledge. He read books such as The Alchemist, The coldest winter ever, The Art of War, Monster, 48 laws of Power and many more. These books helped shaped who he became as a young man to know that he could use intelligence and knowledge as a tool to do better in life.Through countless efforts, volunteer hours, and prayers, at 16 Big Fresco took the stand and was able to work a deal as a Youth Offender to avoid any more jail time than had already been served. From there he was then introduced to his first experiences of rapping which was through his later years of high school in 2007. Already having a bit of a knack for computers and electronics, he learned how to record on a USB microphone, and that gave him an outlet to express his thoughts and feelings of what he had been through at such a young age. Jahvel had always been known to be a great thinker, entertainer, comedian, and much more. Now with music as a part of his life, he dedicated himself towards the passion, pushing his limits and focus.

At 17, Big Fresco - then known as just ‘Fresco’ released his first mixtape titled ‘Think Legacy’ which can still be found on DatPiff til this day. He then followed up that mixtape with another one titled ‘B.O.M: Whatever It Takes.’ As these were primarily just a starting point to his career, and show of what we could achieve, Big Fresco’s first tattoo says “Think Legacy” in tribute to his first project released.

After these two projects Big Fresco took time away from releasing music to not only deal with the life itself but also take time to practise and craft his sound into what he has made it today. While still staying around the music scene, recording, performing, releasing rough songs on soundcloud, and doing a brief stint with the music group Flight Music, it was approximately 6 years in between the time of his last mixtape to him officially putting out his first single “You Ain’t Serious” under the name, Big Fresco. This was the start of the rebirth of Fresco. Adding the ‘Big’ in front to give tribute to Biggie Smalls and also give way to the acronym “Believing In God.”

Big Fresco then went on to release his hit single ‘State of Mind’ which gained over 100k streams and views across all platforms.

In 2019, Big Fresco released his long awaited EP ‘3434’ titled after the building he used to live in at 3434 Eglinton Ave East. While also releasing a few videos on Youtube for the project and opening for Rich Homie Quan, Performing at T-Dot Fest and among over 15-20 other venues that same year.

In 2020 Big Fresco followed up his EP with a mixtape titled ’22k’ which also was followed by a deluxe version of the project. Again the project hit over 100k in streams sales, and gave Big Fresco more of a definitive look for his artistry with more than a few projects under his belt. It became much more apparent to his fans and followers who Big Fresco is as a person and an artist. All the work put in led to many industry connects and contacts, one most notable Tony Yayo, who reached out to the Toronto Rapper for a collaboration.

Through the pandemic of 2020-21 Big Fresco has worked consistently and has continued to put out music increasing his engagement and streams by over 800% year by year. Fast forward to 2021, Big Fresco is currently in the midst of promoting his new single “Zach Lavine’ which is hosted by and features Tony Yayo of G-Unit. The song contains an ear-catching drop by the legend Tony Yayo bigging up the whole of Toronto and Canada, along with an electric performance by Big Fresco on the song. The single is said to be followed up with a full mixtape titled ‘Don’t Get Finessed.’

Not only is Big Fresco making his mark in the Toronto Music Scene but he has also gained fans and followers on a global scale, especially in parts of the U.S., Europe and South America. He is currently focused on his brand partnerships, business deals, DJs, sponsorships, working with new artists and other influencer collaborations.

Career Credits: Tony Yayo of G-Unit, Flow 93.5FM, CJRU 1280AM, Made In Toronto, Cardiak, T-DOT FEST, Manifesto, Wale Ambition Tour, Mobb Deep, 6ixBuzzTV, HipHopCanada, ELEVTR Music, DatPiff, Hip Hop TXL and much more.