Homeless on Canoga Nicole WOng, Max Zeronian

We went back to the spot were we talked to the first group of homeless people and they weren't there this past week so we searched for them around the area.

We actually found them about 2 to 2 1/2 miles down the street in a more industrialized area. They took shelter under a large tree but didn't have their tents or bikes with them. New people: Mel (Justin's girlfriend who was in Peru when we talked to them last), Susie, and Frankie.

Justin: Did you just remember my name? Yeah we threw away everything that we couldn't carry. We actually moved around to a couple places that we used to stay at before coming here to this spot.
Justin: Officer Williams came by the day it stopped raining after we talked to you guys and told us to move because we only had permission to stay in that spot while it was raining. It's so hot now though!
Frankie: My son's bike got confiscated by the police when we got kicked out of the last place so that's fucked up. There's been people taking pictures without asking, just from the sidewalk. I would like it if you didn't take pictures of me or anything or people here.
Frankie: The police kicked out people because someone must have complained but they only made some of the RVs move not the ones before the bend. It seems like they are only kicking out certain people. They are picking and choosing and that's not fair. The RV that got kicked out right here left all their trash and it sucks because now it looks like that's our trash and it's disgusting. Those type of people ruin it for everyone else.
Multiple RVs that were not kicked off of the street with the rest of the homeless people on Canoga Ave.

The camp was set up down the street to the right of these RVs shown in the photo. So only certain people on the street were told to leave by the Police.

We can tackle these topics:

1. Homeless and working/jobs- Justin had said last time that there is no excuse for him to not have a job. Maybe we can investigate into the background of what compels homeless to or to not pursue a job or something like this when it is easily in reach.

2. Government involvement in shelters/churches. They used to go to Foursquare Church for breakfast and shower services but stopped going after the church discontinued their shower services, although many homeless would attend.

3. How well housing helps to solve homelessness. With the new measure passed, how much help do the homeless actually expect to receive from the government and police.

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