Biomes,climates and weather. Cohen C.


There are different kinds of weather.

The definition of weather is to distruct.

Like in the previous picture,there was a lot of distruction.


The definition of data is to record facts.

I learned that weather can be very,very dangerous. I also learned that you should stay away from tornados and weather like that.

Now I've learned a lot about graphing.First I've learned that you can abbreviate labels and data. I've also learned that you definitely need to label.


Polar zone.The definition of a climate is depending on the weather.

This is the polar zone.

In the polar zone its climate is very hot and dry.its climate has lizards and snakes and other has a lot of cati.


The biomes are the,arctic tundra,grasslands,deciduous forest,taiga,tropical forest and the desert.


The conclusion I reported about my results were,


Created with images by Zajcsik - "lightning storm night" • NOAA Photo Library - "wea00208" • ikewinski - "Lightning" • jdog90 - "untitled image" • 15299 - "moore oklahoma tornado" • SEDACMaps - "Climate Zones, Scenario B2 2001 - 2025, Europe" • figueiredoluis - "Cerrado" • diapicard - "arctic fox mammal fox" • Stilgherrian - "When walking along roads without a footpath, always face the oncoming traffic, says Taiga" • Moyan_Brenn - "Desert" • ballance5702 - "Diciduous trees need not apply" • Garden State Hiker - "Jungle Walk" • Sheep purple - "Flooded"

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