Animator Mackenzie w. H-7 2-6-16

Career Areas- Hollywood,CA

Typical job duties- 2D animation and 3D animation,plus drawing out characters

Typical tasks- building models,lighting,and generating ideas

Typical wages- $49,880 a year

Working conditions- sitting at the computer for long periods of time

Positive effects- working on the computer,don't have to move around much.

Negative effects-working 14+ hours a day,hand cramps over using the mouse too much.

Employment trends- work on all aspects.

Education-Bachelors Degree

Training-2 years at technical college

Personal qualities- can draw,is funny,and can be isolated for a long time

Related fields-technician,engineer,and computer designer

Personal plan-I plan on going to MCC for my first 2 years,then I'll go to Baylor and get my Bachelors Degree. Then I plan on going to Hollywood to find a job.

Helpful websites- Google and Career Crusing

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