Elements of Art By: Emma Rajala


Space is the area around or between objects in a piece on art, these spaces can be either negative or positive.
  • Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi by Sandeep Surendran
  • The Window by Vivekanandkhan S.


Lines are pathways from one point to another that create movement and dimension in a piece of art.
  • Tulip Stair Case by Jessica Dianamling
  • To Brooklyn by Simon Adam


Colour is a crucial element of art that is seen when light rays are reflected off a surface.
  • Homage to Creativity by Manford Holmes
  • Monastery by Sarkiz Mutafyan


Form is the use of three-dimensional objects that add another aspect to a piece of art.
  • Vortex by Vincenzo Garofalo
  • Dancing House by Ahmed A.


Texture is an element of art that allows viewers to see what objects in a piece feel like.
  • Twig Wam by Robin Woolley
  • Just a Peek by Heather Charise


Shapes are closed two-dimensional objects that help draw attention to certain aspects of a piece.
  • View from the Boat by Brian Mcmillan
  • Vernacular Geometry by Tugo Cheng


Value is the contrast between the lightest and darkest colours, that are found in a piece of art.
  • Silhouettes and Day Dreams by Justin Jordan
  • Just a Spot of Light by Christopher F.

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